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Dotwork as a stylistic element is unmistakable in its structure and can be combined with many different styles. Dot by dot, entire motifs or parts of it are created with this technique, whose implementation demands much precision and almost  meditative serenity and patience.


At least two types of dotwork can be defined. 'Classically' the dots are inserted into the skin piece by piece, individually and very accurately. 'Speeddots' on the other hand, are created by strongly reducing the stitch speed of the machine while at the same time moving the hand quickly. In this way,  the surface is gradually 'condensed' further. Both techniques produce similar textures and, if necessary, also create depth and shading in the motif.

Dotwork is also excellent for hand poke or stick and poke tattoos. Here, the color pigment is applied by hand, so without machine assistance into the skin. This very original form of tattooing enjoys great popularity and is experiencing both in the professional, as well as in the DIY area, currently an absolute hype.

Dotwork as a means of design has its origins probably in pointillism, a style from the painting of the late 19th century, which is assigned to the neo-impressionism. To create an aesthetic balance, dotwork works in my designs especially as a connecting element between hard lines, deep black areas and free skin surface.


Beispiele Blackwork


I wanted to have a tattoo on my neck and found in advance that Thor's style could fit well with my idea. I described him my rough motif idea and he has implemented it insanely great. I felt super comfortable from the start, which was especially important to me for this body part. I have the finished tattoo now over a month and am still in love every time I see it in the mirror :-)

NOEMI from hamburg

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